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My repair, maintenance and service performances

Before any repair, overhaul, damage repair, finishing or service I have a detailed consultation.
This is important to me to discuss in detail with the customer his concerns and derived from this to discuss the professional effort required. The result is then a time frame for the order and the submission of a solid estimate of cost.
When picking up the finished instrument, each instrument receives a checkbook, the amount of work and any special items are explained and presented.

Repair of woodwind instruments

The handling of the filigree instrument as well as the play operation leads to leaks in the flaps and imprecise movements of the flap mechanism.
During repair, the tightness of each flap is checked with special tools and corrected and restored accordingly. If necessary, the flap cushions are replaced with original cushions of the instrument manufacturer. Another essential repair component is the renewal of faulty and damaged springs and corks. Likewise, the flap mechanism is meticulously controlled and directed, adjusted and fixed accordingly. Finally the instrument will be given a try and finished.

Sale of instruments and accessories

My instrument exhibition offers a variety of instruments for sale. All instruments can be viewed, touched and played. The offers can be found in the “Instruments” section of my homepage.
My service also includes that I can procure all instruments that are actually not available in my shop, but which you would like to play and buy. In a short time I can purchase instruments from all major manufacturers at competitive prices.


The advice starts with the selection of the desired instrument, continues with the repair alternatives, mouthpieces, oils and fats, accessories, etc. etc. and ends with the matching instrument case. The business offers a huge variety of care products and accessories. The range of consulting services is very extensive and varied, but this is part of my business philosophy for my clients to be a competent partner for their instruments and their music.

new construction

Upon customer request, individual pieces are built according to personal ideas and wishes. In several very detailed planning and feasibility conversations, the desired instrument is gradually sketched out and designed in order to then begin with the construction of the instrument.
One-off productions are offered primarily in the segments trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn and trombone.

optical reprocessing and refining

Optische Aufarbeitung und Veredelung

Each instrument can be individualized visually or by equipment details. Instruments, or parts of the instruments, can be gilded or silvered, they can be painted in color, they can get a vintage design or get a beaded radiant outfit – every wish for something special can be fulfilled. Subsequently also engravings, gems, colored pusher plates, etc. can be attached.
There are many ways to customize the instrument and make it an eye-catcher.

complete overhaul

The entire instrument is stripped and all optical defects such as bumps, scratches, scrapes and open solder joints are carefully reconditioned.
The valves are completely and precisely overhauled, grounded in and perfectly accurate and safely integrated back into the machine.
The entire instrument with all its components is polished to a high gloss. On request, the instrument can be varnished with clear lacquer.
Finally, the instrument appears technically and visually as new.

pusher remodelling

Each pusher, whether valve- or trigger pusher, can be customized and rebuilt to suit the player’s hand. Triggers can also be added later and the pusher can be installed at the ideal playing position. The subsequent installation of “mini ball joints” reduces the pusher noises, improves the ease of movement as well as the addressing of the pusher system and increases the playability of the instrument.
Fashionable inserts in the valve pushers are available in many colors and give the instrument a very individual image.

bulge service

In the bulge service, the “bumps” and metal damage of all kinds from the bell, body, mouth tube, play or valve loops are removed.
With various special tools such as sickles, magnetic balls, cones, hammers, rods, etc. the damages, even the most serious fall damages, are eliminated.
Similarly, affected solder joints are revised and completely re-soldered.

machine overhaul

Due to the play of the instrument as well as the saliva, limescale deposits, etc. the valves of the instrument and the camp abrade.
When overhauling rotary valves, the bearings of the valves are cleaned, retracted, the height and side clearance eliminated and the valves are completely new grounded in the valve sleeve.
When overhauling perinett valves, the rifle is honed and if necessary and the valves (change) are seated by hand.
A valve overhaul is always carried out only in conjunction with a previous technical maintenance of the instrument.

technical maintenance


The instrument is completely disassembled and all essential components are cleaned in a special bath. The valves and valve sleeves are additionally degreased by hand, cleaned and re-oiled inserted into the instrument. All trains are polished after cleaning, greased and integrated back into the instrument. The renewal of the horseshoe rubbers, water cap springs as well as corks are standard. Finally, the instrument is treated with a paint care and the mouthpiece is polished after the cleaning.