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Since my childhood I´m a fan of all kinds of music. Early on I learnt playing instruments in the traditional way: from the recorder, on to the piano, guitar and trumpet until I finally found my favourite instrument – the trombone.

During my school time at the “Besselgymnasium” in Minden I played in several Big – Bands.
Particularly influential for me was my one-year school exchange in Falaise (France), where I played the trombone in various harmony orchestras and ensembles. During this time I realized that in my future the music should be my purpose in life.

Due to that I started an apprenticeship as a brass instrument maker at the well-known company “Gebr. Alexander” in Mainz after I had graduated from high school. This informative and educational time strengthened my desire to open up my own instrument business.

The logical consequence and the next step for me was the successful graduation at the “Meisterschule” in Mainz and the founding of my own company “Buddenbohm-Brass” in 2010. Since that time I primarily serve the segment of brass instruments.

Starting in 2014 I also turned towards woodwinds in order to fulfil the increasing demand in the area for repair, service and other inquirers.

The participation at several courses and seminars for woodwinds enable me to diversify my actual portfolio and services also for the field of woodwind instruments.

By the way, to live my passion as a musician – and also to keep my ear on the “musician pulse” – I play trombone in the “Top Floor Brass Band” and in a “Wind Quintet”.